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Meet Dr. Mei-Chuan Wang

Dr. Mei-Chuan Wangthe founder and compassionate force behind Wang Psychological Services, brings over fifteen years of industry experience, coupled with a solid educational background and a commitment to research-informed psychotherapy. With a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, Dr. Wang initially dedicated her efforts to the academic sphere while concurrently practicing part-time in diverse community settings. Eventually, she chose to wholeheartedly pursue her passion as a full-time practicing psychologist.

Dr. Wang's unwavering dedication lies in meeting her patients exactly where they are on their emotional journey. Her objective is to guide them towards a heightened sense of self and personal well-being. The greatest fulfillment in Dr. Wang’s life stems from building meaningful relationships and leaving a lasting positive impact on the future of each client.

Dr. Wang Psychological Services
Dr. Wang Psychological Services

Wang Psychological Services

Dr. Wang's years of experience and diverse background lend her the tools and expertise to deliver quality care to every client. Eventually, she was inspired to invite other licensed psychologists and mental health counselor to join her team. Together they are able to serve more clients and work as a collective towards the same goal: enhancing people’s futures through psychotherapy-informed healing. 

Today Wang Psychological Services providers clinical services, including individual, couple, family therapy, and psychological testing in the Fayetteville, NC. Contact Us today for more information. 

Wang Psychological Services offers a wide range of counseling opportunities for people of all backgrounds. Contact us today to learn more about our professional services and get matched with the perfect therapist for your unique needs. The team at Wang Psychology is ready to help you.

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