Dr. Mei-Chuan Wang, HSP-P, LCMHCS
Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Wang also offers Telepsychology in PSYPACT Participating States

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 I specialize in treating anxiety, depression, trauma, adjustment, and interpersonal issues.


Education & Experiences

I hold a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Memphis. This program is accredited by American Psychological Association (APA). I completed  predoctoral internship at University of Florida Counseling Center. I have a Master of Arts degree in Applied Clinical Psychology from University of Northern Iowa. 

I am a licensed psychologist and licensed professional counselor supervisor. I have over ten years experience in providing individual, couple, and family therapy to children, teens, adolescents, adults and seniors from various social economic status and racial/ethnic backgrounds.  


Counseling Philosophy

My theoretical orientation is driven by an integrative approach rooted in constructivist and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), combined with experiential and cognitive perspectives and techniques. I embrace a strengths-based perspective involving a holistic assessment of clients within their cultural context. I believe my clients have unique ways of accessing their own experiences, and I consider counseling an ideal opportunity to collaborate with them on their process of self-awareness, understanding, and personal development.


Meanwhile, I believe that understanding the worldview of my clients and their ways of being in the world cannot be separated from their social context. Consequently, I am aware of, and sensitive to, the profound influences of culture, gender, race, sexual orientation, national origin, and socio-economic status. 

For those who consider spirituality significant, I integrate that aspect of your life into counseling so that your spirituality can be used as a resource in the process of treatment. However, I will not attempt to change your religious beliefs or to promote any particular religious faith.